Lara Balazs, CMO of Intuit and Suzy Deering, CMO of eBay – Personalized Performance

Moran Brayer November 11, 2019
1 min read

In 90 episodes of CMO Moves, we’ve covered a number of important issues that are driving the CMO agenda today.

One, in particular, keeps rising to the top as a mystery unsolved: people-powered growth fueled by transformative technology. In all my discussions with exceptional CMOs, we’ve discussed this topic, but Lara Balazs, CMO of Intuit, decided to take it on in with unwavering intention. Together with Lara, we devised a four-part series that would dive deep into different parts of the equation, bringing you key learnings and actionable insights along the way. Today, we’re tackling part one, Personalized Performance, with the incredible Suzy Deering, CMO of eBay. Join us as we tackle this topic from Intuit’s mainstage, which was broadcasted globally to the Intuit marketing and communications team around the world. Stay tuned for parts two, three and four – where we tackle another part of the critical mission with different CMO experts for each topic. For now, grab a pen and paper as we are going deep. Check out the article ( for a quick cheat sheet on investing in data science, developing your teams, moving beyond your vertical and plenty more –

all from this powerful discussion between Lara and Suzy on CMO Moves Duos.