Special: Recharge your brain with a Meditative Story by Arianna Huffington

Moran Brayer August 6, 2019
1 min read

As an entrepreneur, you have to find a way to recharge. This new podcast — from the creators of Masters of Scale – was designed to create calm amid an always-on schedule. The particular episode we’re sharing was inspired by Reid’s interview with Arianna Huffington, where she told a sliver of this story: it starts in the tiny Athens apartment where she grew up and takes her to the University of Cambridge. Listen for the lesson she learned from her mother … about embracing life’s journey without being attached to the outcome. A lesson every founder needs to hear. Interspersed with the story, you’ll hear prompts from a guide to help you center your mind; after the story, your guide leads you on a quiet meditation to help you recharge and refresh. If you like the effects – the way the episode makes you feel — subscribe to Meditative Story on the app you’re using now.