Branding, Sales & Marketing,’s VP Marketing Shares Extraordinary Insights

In this week’s episode of Strike Gold, we speak with Udi Ledergor is the VP marketing at If you’re unfamiliar with Gong, they have raised over 68 million dollars to help sales leaders succeed by understanding their conversation with the customer and get them to revenue success using AI and conversation analytics. Just so you get how on-it Udi is, on his first day at Gong he has already created an ebook, created a landing page, got a database and built a successful email outreach campaign offering the ebook. Like a great steak, Udi is a seasoned marketer with over 15 years of experience and 5 VP positions (and product beforehand). He wrote the top-selling book for planning and generating leads from conferences and trade shows called “50 secretes of trade show success” There were so many takeaways from this episode, it’s almost impossible to summarise them all, so listen up and enjoy.