How Honeybook perfected Influencer Marketing as a traction channel

Martha Bitar is the head of business development at Honeybook, and she has a pretty in-depth and excellent user-advocate affiliate program case study to share. If you’re unfamiliar With HoneyBook, it’s a Tel-Aviv-SF based startup that aims to make the life of freelancers and creatives that much more comfortable — from onboarding new clients, sending price quotes, time tracking, invoice and even charging their clients. It’s an all-in-one perfect suite for all of your freelance out there. As head of Biz-Dev, Martha works with other companies to partner up to help growth. From product integration to co-marketing partnership and influencer marketing to chatting with other people looking to get into Honeybook. In this episode, Martha joined us to talk about the company’s unique Educator relations program.