EP57: How to be Indistractable in 4 Easy Steps with Nir Eyal

Moran Brayer September 10, 2019
1 min read

You know one of the most difficult challenges we have in growing our businesses? It’s doing the actual work! It’s so easy to be distracted. We have so much technology that helps to enable it. But is it the fault of technology, or do we need to take more responsibility about how we use our time? We talk to best selling author Nir Eyal about his new upcoming book Indistractable, and how he wants to teach us all to be more productive. – We cover Nir’s first booked, ‘Hooked’ and how it’s helped to democratize the secrets to creating habit-forming products. – Nir talks us through his four-step model to be indistratable and walk through an example of how to use it. – And, what can workers do to tune out all of the distractions we encounter working in an office, including Nir’s favorite tech products to help us become indistractable. Happy Growing! Kieran