SaaStr 288: Why Marketing Is The Gatekeeper of Customer Experience, Des Cahill, CMO @ Oracle CX Cloud Suite

Moran Brayer December 2, 2019
2 min read

Des Cahill is the Chief Marketing Officer for

Oracle CX Cloud Suite, an integrated set of marketing, sales, commerce and service solutions that power customer experience for thousands of leading global brands. Prior to Oracle, Des was the CMO @ Kerio Technologies marketing to over 60,000 SMB customers and 5,000 channel partners. Before Kerio, Des was the CMO @ Ensighten, where he helped grow the customer base from 10 to 100 and revenues from $2M to $14M. Des has also spent time as CEO having founded and grown Habeas Inc from 0 to 450 customers, $9M in revenue and raising 3 rounds of venture financing.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss:

How Des made his way into the world of startups and came to be CMO of Oracle’s CX Cloud suite?

Why does Des believe customers are more unpredictable now than ever before? How is their behaviour fundamentally changing? What are some great examples of how Des has seen companies amend to the changing consumer demands? How does this change the role of the marketer today? How does this change the prioritisation of customer experience for marketers? What are the challenging elements of this change? How does the role of marketing also integrate with the post-sale and customer success with much of their content being used there?

How does Des think about the relationship between marketing and sales teams? What are Des’ biggest tips on how to reduce friction in the handoff from marketing to sales? What works? What does not work? What is the right OKR to measure marketing teams? Does it have to be tied directly to revenue?

Des’ 60 Second SaaStr:

Biggest breakdown in the working of an efficient funnel? Who is killing it in SaaS marketing today and why? Advice in SaaS you commonly hear but disagree with?

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