2019 Content Performance Evaluation Strategies – John Lincoln // Ignite Visibility

Episode Overview: Google’s algorithm updates shook up the SEO landscape in 2019, forcing expert SEOs to question what the best method is to evaluate their content’s performance throughout a year full of changes. Join Ben as he chats with SEO expert John Lincoln from Ignite Visibility, who was recently named the Search Marketer of the Year by Search Engine Land, as he shares his expertise on the best way to evaluate your content’s performance in 2019 and how to create a new content marketing roadmap for 2020 inspired by the year’s changes. Summary:

In a year over year performance evaluation, it’s best to gauge SEO efforts by segmenting your website’s pages and evaluating each based off the number of new visitors, conversions, revenue, seasonality, keywords, and landing pages. Social sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have their own respective top to bottom funnel, awareness to conversion, processes that content needs to be evaluated against when planning future content marketing efforts.