Career Day: A Philosophical Curiosity Yields SEO Success – Raphael Raue // Mozilla

Episode Overview: The internet has become a massive forum, bringing people together to exchange knowledge, ideas and goods. This exchange is rooted in philosophical principles creating a marketplace of sharing news, information and strategies amongst the SEO community. Join Ben for career day as he interviews Mozilla’s Global Head of SEO Raphael Raue who shares how philosophy has inspired his passion for SEO and fostered his drive to solve problems posed by the SEO community. Summary

Raue’s passion for SEO arose from his experience with the internet’s philosophical capability of giving people the ability to share specific point of views, connecting people and the ways people use it to interact with each other. “As an SEO you write for robots and people think you spam the internet via robots. But at the end you’re, most of the time, really an advocate for users.” – Raue Raue identified with Mozilla’s mission to ensure that the internet remains open and accessible and found it matched his interest in sharing his skills and knowledge to create a bigger, better internet ecosystem.